Terry & Hazel Bowler


Terry and Hazel Bowler are the founders of New Life Revival Church in Colwyn Bay and Senior Pastors of New Life Revival Church in North Wales and Liverpool. Being in ministry for over twenty years, their heart and vision is to see revival in this region.

When asked by God to set their lives apart for His purpose, He took them on a challenging, yet incredible journey of learning how to live completely by faith in His Word. They went from owning a successful business and comfortable living, to being totally dependent upon God for everything.

They have learnt by experience how to receive by faith the blessings God has promised in His Word. This includes prosperous finances, good health and freedom for the mind and emotions.

Through their experiences and the anointing upon their lives, they are now able to teach others how to live a supernatural life of faith. Their desire is to help others to live in the complete new life Jesus has provided, to enjoy their relationship with God the Father, and to fulfil the purpose He has for them.

Married for over thirty five years, they have two children and two grandchildren and their family is with them in the work of the Church. Their home is in Abergele, North Wales.

Derrick Coy


Derrick Coy is founder of New Life Revival Church in Norris Green, Liverpool and a Pastor in both Liverpool and North Wales. Derrick was a well respected manager in a small group of companies who worked in multinational and accountancy companies, until God asked him to work full time for Him over twenty five years ago. Derrick fully committed his life to God as a young boy and as a result has over fifty years experience in ministry.

Over the years, Derrick has worked in many roles within the Church, although he is specifically a teacher of the Bible. He is able to bring great insight from the Bible to help people with the everyday situations and challenges they face. He is also able to teach from the Bible regarding the times that we live in and who we are called to be as the Church.

Derrick has a prophetic anointing and is able to speak to the New Life Revival Church what is from the heart of God.

Derrick’s compassion, and gentleness for people along with his faith in God, has seen him used to pioneer a number of Churches in the UK over the years. He has seen God work many miracles in people’s lives to bring healing, restoration, hope and freedom. The teaching Derrick brings helps people to renew their minds and see themselves as God sees them.

Derrick was married to Audrey for over fifty years. He has two children, three grandchildren and one great grandchild. Derrick has lived in many places depending on the work God has had for him to do, but is now based in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

Sarah Bowler

sarah-bowlerSarah Bowler is a Pastor in New Life Revival Church working in both Liverpool and North Wales. Having grown up in Church, since a young age Sarah has given time each day to building a relationship with God, reading His Word and spending time in prayer and worship so that she could know God and complete His purpose for her life. As a result Sarah’s desire is now to reveal God to others – to those who do not yet know Him, and to help those who would like to know more of a loving and personal relationship with Him.

With over ten years experience in ministry, Sarah has given her life to serving God and serving the New Life Revival Church. She will regularly lead times of prayer and worship and preach the Word of God in Sunday services, take midweek meetings and take time to give friendship to and encourage other people. Sarah also organises and leads the Kidz Unite meetings for children.

Sarah’s desire is to reveal the love of God to others and to help other people to grow in faith in God, in being bold for God and in being passionate for Him.

Sarah’s home is in Abergele, North Wales where she enjoys walking in the beautiful countryside and seaside views. She is a keen gardener and enjoys spending time outdoors.

Mark & Denise Bowler

mark-denise-bowlerMark and Denise Bowler are Pastors in New Life Revival Church working in North Wales and have over ten years experience in ministry. Their desire is to reveal Jesus and see His love transform hearts, lives and situations for His glory.

With their love for God and His Word they are specifically teachers of the Bible. Their desire is to see the amazing power of the scriptures released in people’s lives so that God’s purpose for each individual can be fulfilled.

Married since 2007, Mark and Denise have two boys, Daniel and Joshua and live in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

Alieu & Kadie Amara

Alieu and Kadie are part of the New Life Revival Church Liverpool leadership. Alieu has always felt the call of God in his life and together, their desire has always been to be of service to the body of Christ. The reality of the Good News resulting in transformed lives, impacting the rest of society especially the bruised and the broken-hearted have always been in the centre of their lives. Alieu and Kadie have a heart for missions, a longing to see the impact of the gospel resulting in wholeness, healing and wellbeing  in remote parts of the world.

Alieu and Kadie have been saved for over twenty years and have seen the hand of God in His protection, provision and healing. Their love for the Lord and His word are released into others as they encourage, edify and comfort believers in the Lord.

They were married in 1997 and have been abundantly blessed with a set of triplets, Abigail, Gabriel and Jesse. Indeed (as Alieu always says), the Lord has been really good to them.

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